About us


Bach -Tech is a company providing specialized technical solutions for the industry to support the development of our clients' core business. Our main area of activity is services in the field of metal processing (cutting, bending, welding), production of metal elements to order and machining. We carry out orders in quantities of several thousand pieces or just singles pieces according to our clients needs.

Our focus is on establishing long-term business relationships, where the satisfaction of our customers is based on professional advice, searching for the best solutions and characterized by the highest quality.

Thanks to this approach, in a short time we have been able to build a loyal customer group who regularly uses our services for the benefit of their business and clients. We combine knowledge from many industries under one banner, always with a focus on optimizing the final product or service. If you are looking for unconventional solutions dedicated specifically to your needs - contact us. We will try to turn a difficult task into a joint success that will fulfil your need and give all parties satisfaction from a job well done.